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What happened to…..?


Lots of laughs setting up this still life which I think clearly comes across. It’s all a bit tongue and cheek helped by the oversize car and petrol pump highlighting  the drama playing out between the characters. We’ve already made our minds up but you too can decide who’s asking who?

I was pleased to achieve such a simplified composition, which has been an aim for sometime. Using only minor transitions in tone, colour and shape, with clean edges and detail kept to a minimum. Less fuss.

Have You Seen My Girlfriend? (25 x 60cm) oil on board


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Zig Zag and de-railed

The Zig Zag Railway in the Blue Mountains finally came to the end of the line, closing indefinitely last year due to a lack of skilled workers and funds. Enthusiasts from around the world gathered to board and ride the train one last time, “dismayed at the thought of the Zig Zag closing”, yet ready to enjoy the experience of passing through the stunning scenery by steam one last time.

It was the hi-vis jackets that really helped me bring this piece to life. Illuminating the figures in the foreground against the subtle colours of the locomotive and rusting rolling stock. Old vs new technology and clearly time for a drink!

“All Aboard (60 x 25cm) oil on panel


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Scaled Cobra

With a British chassis and American engine and only 600 original Cobra’s ever built make this car a legend. Rumored to be a reason why UK motorways finally brought in speed restrictions, after clocking up 186mph on the M1 during a test run Le Mans. Soon after the British government imposed a 70mph restriction and denied any links to the Cobra incident.

The use of strong colour and brushwork to capture speed really made this box a fascinating subject to paint. The artist has created this momentum with real gestural movement by purposely dragging a dry brush through wet paint in one direction.    A tough skill to practice and replicate.

A.C Cobra (30 x 25cm

Available Milk Factory

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The Silver Arrows

A type C car that dominated the sport of motor racing in the 1930’s. Made by Germany’s Auto Unions it was nicknamed the Silver Arrow thanks to its sleek design and prowess of the racing track. This scale replica made in the 1960’s shows the qualities that made it the most advanced car of its era.

Race Car ( Silver Arrow) oil on canvas

Sold Private Collection

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Gee Up!


Made in the 1960’s by ‘Gee Gee’, a perfectly named French company and doll manufacturer. Caught mid gallop its easy to imagine the rider calling “gee up’, commanding his ‘gee gee’ to go faster and win the Prix de Vincennes.

Gee Gee Race Horse No5 oil on canvas

Available  Milk Factory

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1928 Bentley Race Car No5

The charming and luxurious 1928 Bentley 4.5L made by Scalectrix between 1964-1970. The refined craftsmanship and attention to detail in the model, particularly in the silver trimmings is incredible. The drivers leather cap and goggles really brought the subject to life.

Race Car No5 oil on canvas

Sold Private Collection


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