Jetex Box,15 x 20cm, oil on canvas, framed

Available Art Pharmacy

Powered by its small thrust micro rocket motor the “Jet Propelled Racing Car” really was (as written on the reverse side) the “Fastest Car for it’s size in the World!”.

The colour-work and typeface is screenprinted slightly offset creating simple overlaps and subtle hues of green. The strong full red colour allowed others to be pushed close to primary strength and less concern for tone, enhancing the illusion and 3-dimensional quality of the box.

Toy boxes are a reaccuring theme in my smaller work. They have value for a collector in mint condition and graphic appeal using image and text. Paint words onto a surface is a challenge and requires a steady hand yet brings detail and intimacy to the object.

As a child I was told by my father to open toys carefully and to keep the boxes in the best possible condition. Boxes were valuable, equal to the toy inside and keeping a toy in its original box, untouched, un-played  with was the most valuable. This was also highly unlikely and I wanted to play.