The Mercury car named after the messenger to the gods in Roman mythology was produced over six decades and from start to finish marketing campaigns struggled to find a strong identity.

It wasn’t different enough, had no individuality, didn’t stand out from the crowd and had to fight to compete in America’s mid-priced car market. Over the years the car became increasingly more bland until the brand was sapped of all distinction.

I enjoyed reading through the advertising slogans in each era trying to brake new ground. The “Drive the “Big M” (1950’s), “The shape you want to be in” (1985–1988), “All this and the quality of a Mercury” (1989–1994), “Imagine Yourself in a Mercury” (1995-1999), “Live life in your own lane” (1999-2004), “New Doors Opened” (2004–2011 ).

Finally Mercury vehicle production stopped in 2010.

The box for the toy version is anything but bland in my eyes.

Mercury Box (15 x 20cm) oil on canvas

Sold Art Pharmacy