This beautiful antiquity was found among an array of objects nestled underneath a wooden cartwheel. It’s original function was simple, to store and contain goods like wine, grain, olive oil and honey. The vessel’s unique color, shape and texture were about to be appreciated for another reason altogether in a second life as a garden ornament, sold at a Kentish garden centre.

This weathered earthenware vessel could to be between 75 to 150 years old and quite possibly arrived from Turkey, where they are abundant in the countryside. To preserve contents at cooler storage temperatures containers were buried, explaining the chipped and weathered exterior.

Soon after purchasing the vessel I heard a rumor to the contrary. It was that objects were being deliberately damaged and buried to speed up the aging process and meet the growing demand for antiquated objects in British taste.

The falsified history and the actual charm of the vessel started a whole new avenue of exploration for me as an artist.

The White Vessel oil on canvas (100cm x 60cm)

Sold Private Collection