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Jetex Speedboat No14, 15 x 20cm, oil on canvas, framed

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The Jetex Speedboat is made from a lightweight plastic with an alluminuim jet motor that runs on fuel pellets. The pellets are put into the aluminium tube that is the motor, the lid screwed on with a wick poking through it. The motor is then wrapped in a piece of asbestos that comes with the boat so that the heat won’t melt the extremely thin lightweight plastic. The boat is then placed in the water and the wick lit. If launched on a river or dam, the boat would take off like a fire cracker and run to the other side before fuel ran out. It’s likely the boat would never be found because of it’s speed and the distance it travelled or because the asbestos would come off and the boat would catch fire. If the boat hit a log or a branch it could get quite damaged too. Manufactured in fifties and sixties by Sebel Products Ltd (Jetex division) Erith Kent England.

The owner of this toy likes it because it would never be made today as it came with asbestos and had the potential to burn the user or start a bushfire. This boat comes in lemon, bright yellow, red and white. Other colours exist but they are rare. Lemon then bright yellow are the two main colours.