Finalist 2018 Calleen Art Award 

Foreshore, 183 x 117cm, Oil on Canvas


My landscape paintings are constructed with a reduced economy. The process involves breaking down photographic images into simplified scenes of flat tonal value, bright hues and clean lines. Wollongong’s foreshore provides an ideal scene with its clear division between the natural and man-made environment, setting industrial architecture against the beautiful views of the Illawarra escarpment off in the distance. The rich colours, patterns and shapes of the rock surfaces in foreground against a backdrop of space and light became the focus and narrative. The cities shoreline appears somewhat alienated and removed of human presence except for a solitary figure waist deep in the rock pool.

The work was completed from start to finish on un-stretched canvas backed by a smooth hard surface to give support. This allowed for large areas of colour to be applied thickly and evenly. Once dry, further colour could be scrapped across the surface to increase texture. The final stage involves sanding away surface ridges and excess paint.